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P E R I O D I C   T A B L E   O F   R E L E V A N C E

This series pays homage to the Periodic Table of Elements, a subject truly “elementary” in nature. Commonly taught in the early years of education, the recognizable squares make this body of work extremely approachable. As an austere nod in both rhyme and relatability, the works feature an actual existing element. Each canvas retains the atomic number (found in the left hand corner) and letters for real scientific elements while being juxtaposed by faux names and atomic weights. The given names are “relevant” societal nouns or statements; the numbers are alphanumeric cyphers that say hidden words.


With each piece, a corresponding Erlenmeyer conical flask exists to enable the viewer to find the secret meaning behind the numerical atomic weight. It can also be noted that this body of work boasts the signature Birk. designs that encompass the entire face.

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